Dear Guests, the following are the Locanda Colle Cerqueto Regulations.


Smoking is prohibited in all indoor areas.

We invite all our guests to use the ashtray and do not throw cigarettes on the ground.

We invite all our guests not to waste or improperly use the water.

We invite all our guests to leave no waste of any nature and kind into the environment.

Sorry, no pets.

We invite all our guests to keep the objects it owns. We accept no responsibility for any loss or losses occurring on the property.

The parents (or his legal guardian) are responsible for the acts of their minor children in the Locanda and they are required to supervise and make sure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others, under its direct responsibility.

It is strictly forbidden to damage plants, pick fruit, fires, damage to vegetation in general.

At any time should be avoided behaviors, activities, games and the use of equipment of any kind that disturb other guests.

Some areas of the farm is video surveillance for security purposes, including areas not authorized for transit. For these areas, the Management will carry out checks to ensure the safety of their property.

It is not allowed to browse the Internet on sites specifically prohibited by law; anyone to contravene this prohibition will be prosecuted and punished in accordance with the effects of the existing criminal laws and national regulations. The management accepts no responsibility for any fines from the prohibition. It should be noted that the discovery of violations by the Management will be reported to the competent authorities and, in the event that checks are carried out by the bodies, the Management will provide the identity of the guests, declining from now on his own responsibility.