How to do

Locanda Colle Cerqueto offers various activities
to make the stay experience unique, immersed in nature.

Experiential educational forest
The hilly farm of Ferrari Farm extends from Colle Cerqueto, on the top of the hill, until it reaches the shores of Lago del Salto in the locality called “Tapino” in front of the villages of Fiumata and S. Ippolito.
To reach the shores of the lake there are magnificent historic farm paths, which within the company property allow you to cross an impressive proprietary forest that directly reaches the shores of the lake. A particular, spontaneous forest, which arose where 50 years ago there were cultivated fields, creating a mix of important species: turkey oak, beech, chestnut, cherry, apple tree, etc. Our Educational Forest is a journey, and not a simple path , where nature has its balance, its rhythms, its habits. The silence, the footsteps of a wild animal… a magical place where every walk becomes an incredible experience.
Our Educational Forest promotes and offers the Japanese Forest Bathing therapy, a real “immersion” in the forest, an experience capable of producing a psycho-physical state of pure well-being in those who experience it. Man began his epic life living in symbiosis with nature, then progress, wealth and new social models led him towards lives separated from natural contexts, in a sort of hyper-technological vortex where the rhythms, shapes, colours, scents of the origins are but a vague memory, even though they exert, in the unconscious, a strong ancestral attraction. And it is this hidden call that pushes him to seek moments of reunion with the environment, even occasional, more or less fleeting ones, moments that serve to avoid cutting that umbilical cord that binds him to his origins, moments of reconciliation with himself. Our journey represents the opportunity to see the small and large wonders of nature for real and in an innovative way, to discover the smells, scents, colors and flavors of the forest and the lake and to live a sensorial and emotional experience one in a kind. The forest and the lake are the perfect place to learn and have fun: there are no barriers or prejudices, but only many possibilities for expression. All this contributes to giving the Estate its inestimable value.

Equipped floating dock

A new generation floating platform, positioned on the lake at the end of the path in the woods, allows relaxation and safe bathing to dive into the wonderful waters of the Salto and enjoy sunbathing surrounded by magnificent rural views. A pier with land landing allows you to reach the floating platform along a walkway connecting the pier to the platform in cases where the lake level allows it. The platform is also equipped with a Refreshment Point.

The cooking course

At our farmhouse guests can book Italian and local cooking courses and specific cooking lessons on traditional dishes. Our Chef de Cuisine is available to teach the basic techniques of sweet and savory preparations of Italian cuisine, the secrets for the perfect creation of handmade pasta or for tasty condiments that respect the seasonality of the products. An experiential and emotional journey that ranges from appetizers to desserts, where nothing is left to chance. Based on the tastes and inclinations of our guests, we can create tailor-made menus, to allow them to bring home a pinch of our beautiful country.

Tasting in the cellar

For wine lovers it is possible to organize a tasting in our cellar dug into the tuff, a typical rock of the Cicolano area. A selection of Lazio and national wines await you, obviously accompanied by local cured meats and cheeses refined in the cellar itself, all served with delicious sweet and savory jams, made by the farm attached to the farmhouse.

A unique and unforgettable experience, but above all a journey into the flavors of our lands.

Activities and surroundings

We are immersed in a land rich in history, traditions and nature, a spontaneous beauty rooted in every corner. The area, known as Cicolano in the lower Province of Rieti on the border with Abruzzo, was inhabited in ancient times by the Equi, a people from central Italy who settled there after the defeat suffered by the Romans around the beginning of the 4th century B.C. Until 1861 Cicolano was part of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies in the province of Abruzzo Ulteriore Secondo. Following the administrative reorganization wanted by Mussolini's fascist regime in 1927, the Cicolano territory was detached from Abruzzo Ulteriore Secondo and became the Province of Rieti, moving to the Lazio Region. In our structure it is possible to practice various activities both in summer and winter. For lovers of winter skiing, the area is well connected to the ski resorts of Campo Felice, Terminillo, Ovindoli and Campo Imperatore.

For trekking lovers, paths are available through the surrounding woods and valleys, while for fishing lovers, Lake Salto has waters rich in fish fauna. For jogging lovers, the internal road network of the farm allows for an excellent cross-country physical workout, while at the same time being able to rest while admiring the suggestive panorama. The natural and landscape attractions and the breathtaking views are perfect for photography lovers who will be able to immortalise unforgettable moments forever.

Excursions and tours

The area lends itself well to satisfying a wide range of tastes and trends: excursions of a historical-religious nature are possible such as the one to the Rocca and the Sanctuary of Santa Filippa Mareri, excursions with a background of “gossip” such as the one to the Rocca by Beatrice Cenci, archaeological excursions, as well as numerous and exciting excursions among the naturalistic beauties that surround an area so close to Rome and at the same time so little known to “foreigners”.
The structure is available to organize and accompany guests on off-road or walking excursions in order to make known the beauties of Cicolano, and beyond.