SENTO® – Rural Wellness Center

Our rural wellness center takes up the spa traditions of ancient Rome, focusing on the well-being not only of the body, but also of the mind and spirit, offering refined solutions to make you enjoy a real journey into well-being to regenerate the senses. The proposed wellness program uses and exploits hydrotherapy using the thermal, mechanical and chemical stimuli that water induces on the human body. When the thermal stimulus of hot water is applied, the superficial blood vessels dilate, circulation increases, favoring the drainage of toxins and waste towards the outside. The effect on the nervous system is relaxing, stress and tension are relieved. When the stimulus is cold, blood vessels contract, circulation speeds up, increasing oxygenation and promoting an even deeper purifying effect. The toning and invigorating action charges the body with new energy.

The SPA in Ancient Time

In ancient Greece, bathing had a social character, while for the ancient Romans bathing at the spa was a real ritual. The term “thermae” was born from the transliteration of the Greek θερμαί, formed on the adjective θερμός which means “hot” and is used for baths with their sporting or cultural annexes. A thermal plant in ancient Rome was a set of environments and installations: the apodyterium the changing room, the caldarium used for hot baths, the frigidarium used for cold baths, the laconicum used for the sauna, located next to the tepidarium, an environment intermediate temperature and the natatio the swimming pool.


Holistic Therapeutic Natural Emotional SPA

In Japan, “Sento” 銭湯 are rooms with public baths, a place to meet and relax, whose origins date back to the Heian period (794-1185 AD).

The term SPA, however, is a retro acronym that stands for “salus per aquam” (health through water).

In reality, this term has Anglo-Saxon origins (it is therefore a false acronym) and was only introduced in our days to indicate a modern spa or a company in general that operates for well-being and body care. In reality, what we know today as SPAs are nothing other than the evolution of the thermae, the spa centers created by the ancient Romans, who had a real cult of water, to which they attributed healing qualities for the body and for the ‘soul.

Our Wellness Path


The Turkish bath is a steam bath at a temperature between 46°C and 48°C with 100% humidity, it pleasantly relaxes the body, while the skin is purified and the senses are captivated and stimulated.


The relaxation area is designed to help each guest rediscover themselves and their psycho-physical balance, an immersion in well-being to continue in the vast outdoor relaxation area immersed in the gardens and orchards.


A cold water hydromassage tub with cervical waterfall for an extraordinary wellness program that soothes muscle tension, aids blood circulation and the drainage of liquids and gives a profound balance to the entire organism.


A path that creates emotions and suggestions thanks to the combinations of hydro-chromo-aromatherapy. A multi-sensory journey that awakens the senses, relaxes the body and gives a new and profound psycho-physical balance. This path revitalizes the body through the contrast between hot and cold waters and stimulates the senses by reproducing water features enhanced by natural lights, colors and aromas.


A Finnish sauna made with top quality wood, with temperatures between 85°C and 95°C with a humidity percentage ranging from 10% to 20%, allows you to recreate a purifying effect to eliminate toxins and skin impurities and reduce the level of psychophysical stress that accumulates day by day, for total well-being.


A wellness pool with heated water that allows you to continue your wellness program outside. Equipped with an area with air-massage and hydromassage seats, a hydromassage path at three heights for the well-being of the whole body and a Kneipp path that helps stimulate circulation. A latest generation swimming pool, with an interpretation of well-being that is not limited to wellness treatment, but is understood in a broader, holistic way.